“The Vote to Save Feminism” by Ophelie Jacobson

The feminist movement reached a huge milestone on August 18, 1920, when women were finally granted the right to vote under the 19th Amendment.

One hundred years later, feminism is being radicalized by modern culture. This election cycle, conservative women have the potential to save true feminism by exercising our right to vote.

The original feminist movement, as we saw in the 1920s, began as a way to empower women to speak up and think independently from men. Now, in 2020, we’ve seen a shift in the values of feminism…to the point where feminism doesn’t even empower all women anymore. In fact, it enslaves women to think a certain way and vote for a certain party or candidate based on their gender.

When conservative women head to the polls this year, we have the power to return feminism to its roots by example. By casting our ballots, we are acting as free, independent thinkers who are indeed empowered to support candidates and ideologies based on our own beliefs rather than other people’s expectations. Conservative women go against the status quo, and that’s why our vote matters more than ever before.

There is too much at stake for conservative women to stay silent. Our traditional family values and beliefs are under attack. And our very dignity as women is under attack as well. Time and time again, we’ve seen how the so-called “tolerant” left treats conservative women.

Most recently, with the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, we saw how the left was quick to cancel Barrett because she is conservative and lives her life in way that is against the societal expectations of women. Barrett’s nomination has revealed the hypocrisy of the popular radicalized version of feminism.

This year, conservative women will be showing up to the polls to bring back traditional feminism. Feminism that seeks to empower and uplift every woman, regardless of political affiliation. And feminism that encourages women to think for themselves and break the bonds of societal expectations that have taken a hold of females for far too long. Conservative women are true feminists because we are emboldened and excited to defend the traditional values of faith, family, and freedom.

Unfortunately, the left does not represent all women…specifically conservative women.

The left teaches women that they should be completely independent of men. Conservative women embrace men and see the benefit of complementing each other in partnership. At the same time, we celebrate our femininity.

The left teaches women that motherhood will prevent them from being able to reach their career goals. That having a child will somehow “slow them down.” Conservative women embrace the gift of life, whether it is expected or unexpected.

These teachings from the left have become the basis for the radicalized, modern version feminism that we see today. Conservative women are motivated to preserve the foundation and existence of true feminism in society. So we will vote to elect politicians who will promise to do the same through the policies they implement. Policies that will truly empower all women. Because at the end of the day…isn’t that what feminism is all about? 

Ophelie Jacobson is a student at the University of Florida. She is Co-President of the Network of enlightened Women chapter on campus and a NeW Student Media Fellow this fall.



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