Three Questions with Mary Katharine Ham, 2019 Empowered Woman of the Year

NeW is thrilled to have Mary Katharine Ham as the 2019 Empowered Woman of the Year. Want to get to know her better before the National Conference on June 20-21 in Washington, DC? Join us for this 3-part series, “Three Questions with Mary Katharine Ham”.

What advice would you give young conservative women facing liberal bias?  

It’s easy to live scared, but it’s also no fun. Embrace the fun of disagreeing with people even when the prospect seems scary. Run toward the fun of making other people see that they can disagree with but not discard entire groups of people. Try to know your audience, try hard to know your facts, and admit it when you don’t. Aim for engagement, not conversion. (xanax) Find the people with whom you can gut-check, because when you’re surrounded by people who insist on telling you what you believe is abhorrent or crazy, you need those friends and family to ground you. On the other hand, I have trusted ideological adversaries to test myself, too. All this will make you a better communicator and citizen, and the better you get, the less scary it is. And you will confound people by the simple act of having fun with it. The very best adversary is one who wants to hate you but can’t.

Inspired by her advice? Be sure to register to hear more from her at the National Conference. And don’t miss tomorrow’s question with Mary Katharine Ham.



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