Service Spotlight – Showing Kindness to Others

Not all service is as obvious as joining the military of volunteering with local charities. Some men are able to serve others simply through the kindness and respect they show others. Even the smallest gestures like opening the door or saying thank you can go a very long way. Meet three 2020 Gentlemen Showcase nominees that have been nominated because of their service.

Spencer Woolson’s nominator wrote that he has been extremely supportive of the women of NeW at Xavier University and supported their conservative voice on campus. The nominator shared that Spencer sees value in all people, from the unborn to the elderly. She shared that he is committed to the Pro-Life movement and believes in putting others before himself all the time. His nominator argued that this dedication to helping others and seeing the value that others can bring to the community show his devotion to respect and service.

Joseph Chase is another exceptional gentleman that has been nominated. His friends and nominator notice how he always holds doors, gives up his seat for women, and shares his umbrella when walking across campus in the rain. His nominator told NeW that he challenges himself and his friends to never stop growing and working to be better gentlemen.

Another gentleman that was nominated who is always looking to show kindness and serve others is Jackson Lombardi. His nominator wrote that he frequently volunteers to help his peers with everything from their studies to car trouble. We are told Jackson isn’t afraid to extend this help to strangers as well.

Do you know a gentleman like Spencer, James, or Jackson who is dedicated to serving others? Today is the last day to nominate for the title 2020 Gentleman of the Year and the chance to win a $500 scholarship.



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