Service Spotlight – Serving in Their Communities

The 10th Annual Gentlemen Showcase is proud to be recognizing remarkable gentleman committed to service, kindness, and respect. A few nominees have proven that they stand apart from the crowd by putting others before themselves, giving their time and resources to serving others.

Jalun Cotton was nominated because he has improved the lives of others through his commitment to serving those around him. Jalun’s nominator shared that he has volunteered with the Special Olympics. They also shared that he regularly helps those in need move into their new apartments and delivers furniture that has been donated to them by the local church.

Another notable nominee is Joseph Thomas. Joseph is a student at Xavier University. As a sports marketing major, Joseph has worked to provide opportunities for kids in underprivileged communities or those with special needs who wouldn’t normally be able to participate on sports teams to play the sports they love.

Joseph Groggett, a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa was nominated for his service to his communities and the kindness he shows others. His nominator wrote that he helps clean up local beaches, improving the environment and making the beach safer for all who enjoy it. His nominator also shared that Joseph is especially caring to his friends and family, telling the story of one time when he offered to help pay for damages after a friend’s car broke down.

Do you know a man dedicated to service, volunteering, and helping others like Jalun Cott, Joseph Thomas, and Joseph Groggett? Recognize his accomplishments by nominating him for 2020 Gentleman of the Year and the chance to win a $500 scholarship.



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