Senior Spotlight: Lina Pyon, NeW at Boston University

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and thank you for your work with NeW! We are pleased to spotlight some of our outstanding chapter leaders and members.

Meet Lina Pyon, Treasurer of NeW at Boston University.

What were two of your favorite events that you participated in with NeW?
NeW’s 16th Anniversary and Policy in the Park! The anniversary was very special to me because it was the first event I attended and hosted, and it was the first time I was surrounded by conservative woman on campus, and I felt like I belonged. Policy in the Park was such a blast because we did not stop talking about politics because the conversations were continuously stimulating and interesting.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on working in the corporate public relations after graduating from Boston University.

What advice would you give to a conservative woman starting college?
If you stick to your core values and beliefs, college will make you more conservative. This is different than what most people will tell you, but trust yourself and don’t lose sight of your purpose.

How has NeW impacted you and prepared you for your next steps?
NeW has honestly given me so much hope for the future because of my involvement in it. I never thought I’d find exactly what I had been searching for, and I can’t wait for the friendships, connections, and more that are to come in the future because I found NeW.

Why is NeW important to you?
NeW is important to me because it has given me the courage and strength to be vocal about my conservatism on campus. Our e-board truly all have the same vision for wanting NeW at Boston University to continually be a safe haven and a support system for conservative women on campus. I hope that thousands more women at BU look at NeW the way we did when we founded it, with love, solace, peace, and strength. If I can help leave that mark on BU, then I’ll know I did my job correctly.

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