Senior Spotlight: Charlotte Townsend, NeW at College of Charleston

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and thank you for your work with NeW! We are pleased to spotlight some of our outstanding chapter leaders and members.

Meet Charlotte Townsend, co-founder of NeW at the College of Charleston. In college, Charlotte also served as a NeW communications intern and was a contributor to She’s Conservative: Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses.

What were some of your favorite events that you participated in with NeW?
I enjoyed attending both NeW’s 16th anniversary event and the Allie Stuckey Book Club meeting. I also loved serving as a NeW Communications Intern during the 2020 fall semester.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to continue working on Capitol Hill. I moved to Washington, DC during the second semester of my senior year for a full-time opportunity on the Hill while finishing my degree online.

What advice would you give to a conservative woman starting college?
To a conservative woman starting college, I would encourage her to never lose sight of her principles. Standing firm in the values that shaped who you are will always serve you well, as it speaks to your character and integrity.

How has NeW impacted you and prepared you for your next steps?
NeW’s professional opportunities, including professional development workshops and networking events, have prepared me for the next steps in my career path. Learning to navigate the networking world and find mentors has been critical in helping me navigate my new role.

Why is NeW important to you?
NeW has propelled my personal and professional growth since I started with the organization in 2017. It has truly been with me throughout every step of my young professional development, from transitioning into college to starting a full-time career. In that time, NeW has afforded me leadership and internship opportunities, the ability to have my work published in national news sources, and even be featured in a segment on “Fox & Friends.” Throughout these experiences over the past four years, I am incredibly thankful that NeW has empowered and equipped me with the confidence and skills necessary to be an effective leader beyond college.

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