Senior Spotlight: Anna Boettger, University of South Florida

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and thank you for your work with NeW! We are pleased to spotlight some of our outstanding chapter leaders and members.

Meet Anna Boettger, Treasurer of NeW at University of South Florida.

What were some of your favorite events that you participated in with NeW?
A few of my favorites that we’ve had include a beach day, a pumpkin patch outing, and hosting the incredible Judge Jeanine Pirro!

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduating, I will take my CPA exam and continue to work in public accounting as an auditor. I will also be getting married in June 2023 after graduating!

What advice would you give to a conservative woman starting college?
You are not alone! Your classes and peers may make you feel like you’re the only conservative on campus but I promise you’re not. Join a club with like-minded people and if there isn’t one already, start your own.

Also, don’t be afraid to stand up for your opinion. Professors and peers may give you a hard time about it, but in the end, it’s worth it to know you aren’t compromising your beliefs to accommodate them.

How has NeW impacted you and prepared you for your next steps?
NeW gave me the confidence to stand up for my beliefs. I started college incredibly shy and introverted. I now find myself enjoying social events and speaking with new people which is a huge change for me. I can definitely attribute this to the relationships and skills I have gained from NeW.

Why is NeW important to you?
NeW gave me an opportunity to build strong friendships with an incredible and diverse group of women. I struggled at the beginning of college to make real friends. I had to hide my beliefs from the group of people I spent most of my time with because they openly despised conservatives. I am now leaving college with a wonderful group of friends that are nothing but kind and supportive and whom I know I can always count on.

The Network of enlightened Women (NeW) provides premier opportunities for young conservative women like Anna. Learn how to bring a Chapter of NeW to your campus today!



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