Senior Spotlight: Abigail Anthony, Princeton University

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and thank you for your work with NeW! We are pleased to spotlight some of our outstanding chapter leaders and members.

Meet Abigail Anthony, Treasurer of NeW at Princeton University.

What were some of your favorite events that you participated in with NeW?
As Treasurer, I was active in all of NeW’s programming. I think my favorite event was our spa night, during which we painted our nails and de-stressed after our midterm examinations. I also enjoyed our Halloween Party with the Princeton Tory, which introduced many NeW members to the publication.

What are your plans after graduation?
I will be attending Oxford University as a Barry Scholar for a 2-year MPhil in Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics.

What advice would you give to a conservative woman starting college?
Be honest about your conservative values, especially when you believe you might be the only person in the room who holds such views.

How has NeW impacted you and prepared you for your next steps?
NeW introduced me to courageous conservative women who are both inspired and inspiring. These women have been my role models, and in some instances, my close friends.

Why is NeW important to you?
Prior to joining NeW, I did not have any conservative female friends. This organization has cultivated a community on our campus and sparked lifelong friendships.

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