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Caitlin Flanagan on Today’s Colleges and the Indoctrination of their Students

Caitlin Flanagan was, without a doubt, one of my favorite speakers at the NeW National Conference. Caitlin Flanagan is...

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Meet our Fall Leadership Brunch Speaker, Shoshana Weissmann

Join us in Washington, DC on Saturday, October 13 Register today for our Fall Leadership Brunch! Join us at City Tap...

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8 Books To Read this Fall

Readers are Leaders! Below is a diverse list of books you should consider reading with your NeW Chapter this semester.

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Do Radical Feminist Regret the Sexual Revolution

Why some radical feminists are realizing that the hyper-sexualized world they helped to create is toxic to women.

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Meet NeW's Anniversary Dinner Keynote Speaker Ericka Andersen!

Celebrating 14 Years! NeW is thrilled to announce that Ericka Andersen will serve as the keynote speaker at our...

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NeW on CBS

CBS This Morning, in partnership with Refinery29, interviewed Vanessa about a new poll on what issues millennial women...

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Charlotte Townsend's YWLR Experience

Hear from Charlotte Townsend, President of NeW at the College of Charleston, about her experience at NeW's 2018 Young...

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#ShesConservative Is Here

#ShesConservative in September This September the #ShesConservative campaign will once again shatter the idea people...

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Policy Debate: Careers, Babies, and What Policies Work Best for Women

Debating the option of running parental leave through Social Security NeW’s National Conference included a debate...

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