NeW at the University of South Florida Gets Creative During “Painting ‘N’ Politics” Night

NeW at the University of South Florida got creative during one of their policy discussion events with a “Painting ‘N’ Politics” night on March 1, 2022.

In the fall, the chapter hosted the first “Painting ‘N’ Politics” and the women enjoyed it so much they asked for another event like it this spring. During this event, the members discussed current events such as Ukraine, talked about their favorite speakers from CPAC, and bonded over their painting and yummy snacks.

I love when we do Painting ‘N’ Politics! It’s a special time to have with our members, and it is more laidback than our general body meetings. It’s relaxing and gives everyone an opportunity to connect even more,” Hadley Hiles, chapter social media director, said after the event.

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