NeW at Notre Dame University Works on Developing the Skills Needed to Be Strong Women

NeW at Notre Dame University hosted political science professor Mary Keys for a discussion about the necessary skills to be a strong woman on May 4, 2021.

Sixteen women attended the event, during which attendees ate dinner, enjoyed desserts, and received advice from Keys, whose work focuses on political theory with a special focus on Christianity, ethics, and political thought. In particular, Keys stressed the importance of serving others. She noted how too often, people feel pressured to judge themselves according to their productivity and performance. Keys encouraged the women to focus instead on how well they can serve one another and judge themselves according to that standard.

“I was extremely grateful that Professor Keys took time out of her busy schedule to speak to our chapter,” member Theresa Olohan said after the event. “Women like Professor Keys are exactly the type of role models NeW seeks to promote, and I am glad that our chapter women had the opportunity to meet her. I hope that they will continue to get to know her better in the future!”

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