NeW at Harvard University Hosts Engaging Discussion with Jennifer Braceras

On Wednesday, October 28, NeW at Harvard University hosted Jennifer Braceras of the Independent Women’s Forum via Zoom for a discussion on her experience as a political columnist and her career in law. She spoke with the chapter women for an hour and engaged in thoughtful conversation.

Braceras began by detailing her unique career path and extensive legal experience. She shared how she transitioned from her career as an attorney to a role as an expert on legal policy, and eventually becoming a political columnist after leaving her law firm. She also discussed with the women on the call the importance of taking a gap year after undergraduate studies to gain real-world experience before tackling law school or a graduate degree. 

In the question and answer portion of the call, Braceras discussed her views on topics ranging from the #MeToo movement and feminism, to Amy Coney Barret and court-packing. She mentioned her personal frustrations with the unspoken rule that Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Supreme Court seat had to go to another woman. Braceras feels the best person for the job, male or female, should get any court seat, and she does believe that Associate Justice Barret is the best person for the job. Braceras shared that she was especially disturbed by the discussion around court-packing, or the idea of increasing the number of seats on the Supreme Court. This could put pressure on the justices to rule a certain way, and pose a threat to the justice system overall.  

Jennifer Braceras provided great insight into some of the more polarizing and political topics of the day, and encouraged the women on the call to view these discussions through a different, more legal and academic, lens.

This blog was written by Haley Supergan, NeW Campus Program Coordinator.



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