NeW Educates Women on Capitol Hill at Capitol Hill Intern Summit

On Wednesday, October 26, the Network of enlightened Women hosted the Capitol Hill Intern Summit at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC. This event brought together 50 interns, Capitol Hill staffers, and students in the DC area for an afternoon of networking, policy discussions, and leadership training.  

To kick off the event, Sarah Parshall Perry, Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, walked the women through some of the most notable Supreme Court cases this year and provided insight into how these decisions will have an impact on the midterm elections. She addressed five Supreme Court case decisions from this year that she believed would have the greatest impact on the midterm elections. These cases included Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, Carson v. Makin, and West Virginia v. EPA. Perry went through each case in detail highlighting the importance of the ruling, how the justices each interpreted the Constitution, and how they could impact the midterms. 

NeW also featured a panel of female leaders on Capitol Hill, including, Natalie Joyce, Deputy Chief of Staff to Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Parker Hamilton Poling, Partner at Harbinger Strategies and former Executive Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Both women shared how they found success on Capitol Hill throughout their careers and the advice that was most helpful to them along the way. They also spoke about how they have been able to juggle successful careers along with growing families.  

Throughout the event, women in attendance were able to glean from all three women important strategies for how to effectively advocate for themselves and what they believe in as conservative women. 

Afterwards, the women were able to network with one another while enjoying lunch. They discussed what they were doing in their different offices, sharing advice regarding what they have learned, and talked about other opportunities on Capitol Hill. 



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