NeW at Dartmouth College Bonds over Experiences as Conservatives on Campus at Brunch

NeW at Dartmouth College got together for brunch at a local diner on February 6, 2022.

The chapter, which has opened up to some conservative women at nearby Hanover High School, bonded over their experiences being conservatives at the schools. The Dartmouth members thought their university was a hostile place for conservatives, but were surprised to learn during brunch that Hanover High is arguably much worse. People are bullied and completely shunned for even expressing slightly right-of-center views, such as supporting free speech. The women continued their debate on no-fault divorce and discussed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

I think conservatives are concerned about the situation with Russia and Ukraine, and some are divided…I don’t understand why the left insists on convincing Ukraine that we will support them in their efforts to join NATO. If we simply said “no NATO,” we could have a neutral Ukraine and avoid impending conflict,” Chloe Ezzo, President of NeW at Dartmouth University, said after the event.

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