NeW at Cornell University Connects Over Breakfast Before Bookclub

On Saturday, October 24, the members of NeW at Cornell University took some time to catch up over breakfast before launching into a bookclub discussion.

This semester half of the school was virtual while the other half were on campus. To make the most of a challenging situation, NeW at Cornell University hosted a combination book club discussion where the chapter members who were on campus got together for breakfast and joined the rest of the chapter women who were virtual for the semester on Zoom. All together, in-person and virtual, the chapter discussed the book they chose for the semester, You’re Not Enough (And That’s Okay) by Allie Beth Stuckey. While everyone enjoyed the discussion, the eight in-person attendees really appreciated the opportunity to finally meet each other face-to-face while discussing a book that had a deep impact on all of them.

“Reading Allie’s book was a great way for our chapter to come together and talk about our own experiences with the culture of self love, as well as the damaging effect of always putting yourself first,” Chapter President, Grace Ogden, said.

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