NeW at Boston College Reenergizes with Barre Groove Class

NeW at Boston College found a creative way to bond while getting in a good workout on September 18, 2021.

Ten of the chapter members attended a trampoline and barre class at Barre Groove, a local studio. The women had a ton of fun while getting to know each other better. They left the workout feeling reenergized after the first few weeks of the semester and ready to continue spreading conservatism on campus.

“Barre Groove was such an awesome place to meet an amazing female entrepreneur, bond with other conservative women, and get a great workout!” Isabel Wagner, a senior representative for the chapter, said. “Alanna was such a great instructor both on and off the trampolines as well. She talked with us about her journey as a small business owner, both before, during, and after COVID.”

“She, like many, was hit hard when COVID came, but she remained positive through it all and used the COVID shutdown to rethink and rebrand her business to include the intense and fun trampolines we know and love Barre Groove for!”

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