NeW Announces Winner of 2023 Essay Contest: Lena Branch

NeW is excited to announce the winner of the College Category of the 2023 Essay Contest, Lena Branch, a student at The University of Iowa. Congratulations, Lena!

Read her winning piece in the Washington Examiner here

How did you hear about the 2023 Lead Like a Lady Essay Contest and why did you choose to participate in it?
 I heard about the essay contest during the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, also known as YWLS, when I visited the NeW table.

What was your favorite part about writing this essay?

I enjoyed researching all the etymology. As I say in the essay, so many problems could be fixed if people did their own research. I loved uncovering the truth and laughing at how ridiculous the “gender-based language” arguments are. I also loved getting to do an inner reflection and examine why I love being a woman. There are so many more things I could have touched on and it made me incredibly grateful for God’s design for womanhood. 

Why is NeW important?

NeW is important because it is essential that we continue to create communities of like-minded individuals. While it is just as pivotal to challenge yourself with those who disagree with you, we must also surround ourselves with people that can provide encouragement. NeW is fostering this environment and getting women to fight for something bigger than themselves. NeW gives women the necessary professional and field experience to make a difference in America. 



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