NeW Announces Winner of 2019 Essay Contest: Xaviera Lee

NeW is excited to announce the winner of the High School category of the 2019 NeW Essay Contest is Xaviera Lee, a high school senior at Bishop Dunne Catholic School. Congratulations, Xaviera!

To read Xaviera’s essay that was published by the Washington Examiner, co-sponsor of the 2019 contest, click here.

How did you hear about the 2019 NeW Essay Contest and why did you choose to participate in it?

I heard about the NeW Essay Contest while searching for scholarship opportunities on a scholarship website. I was enticed to participate because it was very rare that I would see scholarships just for women that had prompts that make you research women’s history. 

Why is NeW important?
NeW is important because even in 2019 there are still ways that women are being oppressed and by having programs like NeW, we remain prepared to break new barriers in society. 



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