NeW at American University Welcomes Winsome Sears for Joint Event by Anna Givens

The Network of Enlightened Women at American University was delighted to co-host Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears with American University College Republicans on Thursday March 31. The Lieutenant Governor shared stories, strategies, and advice to the attending conservatives to inspire and motivate action. 

During their campaign Sears and the current Governor Glenn Youngkin notably placed a large emphasis on education. Sears shared that during her time serving as the Vice President on the Virginia Board of Education she was dismayed by the poor performance she saw coming from Virginia students and was thus moved to advocate for bringing healthy competition into education. As a strong advocate of school choice Sears shared her conviction that money for school should follow the child, instead of brick and mortar schools determining a child’s educational future. 

Speaking to her political history, Sears thought back to the first time she identified as a conservative. Sears shared that she didn’t know she was a conservative until the election of 1988 when she heard President George H.W. Bush present his platform. He shared that he hoped to stop abortion and reduce taxes, both of which spoke to Sears. And he also told the American people, that if all you have is welfare, then you cannot pass anything on to your children. Sears took these words to heart and they marked the beginning of her story with the republican party.

Speaking to the young conservatives today, Sears advised the audience to value relationships first. She told conservatives to invite more liberal people to their meetings, and to attend the meetings of liberal organizations. Near the end of her time she advised the attendees to see the conservative movement as a business, and warned them not to scare away any potential customers.

Altogether the event brought together a great turnout from American University’s small but mighty conservative community. It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with the Lieutenant Governor and we are very thankful for any NeW members in the DC area who came out for the event. 

This blog was written by Anna Given, Director of Membership for NeW at American University.

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