Network of enlightened Women’s 19th Anniversary

Cheers to 19 years of NeW! On Thursday, September 21 the Network of enlightened Women celebrated 19 years as an organization. The celebration was held at the Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The Anniversary party is a time for students, professional network members, and friends of NeW to come together and share how they have contributed to the mission.  

NeW is grateful for the women who came in-person to network and share fond memories of NeW. Karin Lips, the President of NeW, gave her remarks and expounded on the success of NeW by sharing recent accomplishments including 60 student chapters, the recent podcast launch of the Conservative Women’s Guide, and the second edition of the Conservative Women’s Guide book that will be published later this year. NeW members approach each Anniversary celebration with an eager attitude to celebrate the past year and leave the celebration feeling inspired about the year ahead.  

AJ Given, DC Professional Network Chapter Leader, said, “I was 19 when I took on my first role with NeW, now I get to celebrate this important Anniversary!” In addition to the Washington, DC celebration, college chapter leaders hosted their own celebrations across the country to reflect on the opportunities their chapter has had by being a part of NeW. 

Alice Seeley, Programs Coordinator at The Fund For American Studies and alumna of NeW at Christendom College, said, “I’m extremely grateful for NeW as it has played a significant role in my personal and professional growth. Since graduating college this past May and moving to Washington, D.C., the DC professional chapter of NeW has been a tremendous blessing, providing me with a supportive network of like-minded women. Through NeW, I’ve developed leadership skills, built lasting friendships, and had the opportunity to learn how to defend my conservative beliefs. These experiences have boosted my confidence and equipped me for success in the professional world. Most importantly, NeW has connected me with other women who share my passion for educating and empowering conservative women to be leaders. I encourage all conservative women to join NeW!” 

The Anniversary celebration gave the women an opportunity to network, meet local conservative DC women, and to continue leading with confidence on their campuses and in their communities. Each anniversary serves as a reminder of the continued impact NeW has achieved and the future plans to fulfill. Happy 19th Anniversary, NeW! 



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