National Conference Attendees Receive Advice for Succeeding in the Professional World

In a panel entitled Let’s Talk Adulting: How to Make it in Your First Job and Beyond, Ashlea Frazier, Bettina Inclán, and Brani Zher offered advice on entering the professional world.

Each of these successful women offered helpful advice. Attendees were advised on a range of professional matters, including how to build a network, negotiate pay, build a personal brand, and navigate office culture. The speakers also offered pointers on professional etiquette, interviewing, and how to balance professional and personal life.

Ashlea Frazier is Director of Programs for Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship. Prior to joining Hillsdale College, she worked for The Heritage Foundation’s Center for American Studies. Ashlea spoke on the importance of doing research before interviews, being punctual, and looking your best. Ashlea urged the young women in attendance to take failure in stride.

Don’t allow your mistakes and your no’s to become ‘I can’ts’

Bettina Inclán is the Executive Director of RightNOW, a women’s empowerment nonprofit. She has held senior positions on several political campaigns and worked with the Republican National Committee (RNC). Bettina offered advice on building a network. She emphasized the importance of maintaining relationships and taking the initiative to strengthen connections. Bettina also encouraged aspiring politicians to start building a campaign narrative now. According to Betina, if you are going to promise to help people while in office, start by helping people now.

Love people. Serve people. Do things that help other people…Do something to make you stand out.

Brandi Zehr advises organizations on all aspects of law concerning the political process. She is a certified Legal Lean Sigma Institute (LLSI) White Belt. Brandi advised getting to know experienced individuals in your field. She suggested emailing leaders in your field and asking them to meet for coffee. (buy modafinil online canada) According to Brandi, finding mentors in your field helps you to gain practical knowledge of your intended field, and will help you find jobs. Brandi explained that the majority of professional jobs are filled based on personal referrals. Therefore, it is important to have strong connections in your field. Brandi also advised cultivating a good professional reputation through doing good, honest, work.

Your brand is not just your social media. It is your professional reputation…Be kind. Do good work. Be responsible.

The advice that all of these ladies had to offer was certainly of great value to the attendees.


Carleton College Blog: My Favorite Convo

This blog post originally appeared on Carleton College’s Admissions Website on April 9, 2019. The piece is written by Lucas Demetriades regarding the recent speech


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