Chapter Leader Spotlight: Jordan Mercer, NeW at College of Charleston

Meet Jordan Mercer, Secretary for the NeW at College of Charleston chapter. Jordan shares about her experience with NeW on campus and how she got involved.

How did you first hear about NeW?
Our chapter president reached out to me after meeting me at CPAC and invited me to join NeW meetings and events on campus.

Why is having a NeW chapter on campus so important?
Having a NeW chapter on campus is something I never take for granted. NeW not only provides me with amazing opportunities to network and learn more about the world, but it also gives students the opportunity to express views that are not exactly popular on college campuses. Having the support and solidarity of others is crucial when you want to break the status quo.

What has been your favorite memory or event with NeW?
My favorite memory with NeW was when I went for crepes with my fellow chapter women before we went to see Nikki Haley on her book tour. We all bonded and learned so much from one of the most powerful conservative women in politics!

What advice would you give other conservative women on campus?
Speak up. Don’t let others’ judgement bring you down. If someone can’t respect you because they disagree, then they have yet to grow as an intellectual. So what if someone judges you for your views? Not everyone will like you in life and those who don’t, don’t deserve to be your friends. Strong women are not meant to be silent. We are meant to stand loud and proud for what we believe in so that we can make a difference!

Learn how you can get involved with the chapter on your campus or find out how you can bring NeW to your school. Contact us if you have any questions.



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