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“NeW gives hope to the future of the party allowing women to realize feminism and female empowerment is in “doing” and not complaining about what is being done to women.” 

“The conservative women involved in NeW are fighting for feminism. They want to fight for equality and empower women while realizing that women are still biologically different from men.”  

-Megan Maxey, Townhall

“The Network of enlightened Women (NeW) is hoping to change some of the stereotypes surrounding conservatives and show young women that they aren’t alone with the launch of their #ShesConservative social media campaign.”

-Meghan Keenan, Red Alert Politics

“[Karin’s] efforts have since spurred numerous branches of the Network of Enlightened Women on college campuses across the country.”

-Kristen Soltis Anderson, The Washington Examiner

“The women of NeW deserve to be lauded for their courage. At an age when most young people simply want to fit in, these women are willing to stand up and stand out.”

– Melissa Braunstein, The Federalist

“These women are driven, vocal, informed, and rational. They are the young protectors of free speech, intellectual diversity, and healthy debate. Despite all the attempts by the Left to stop it, they are proud to be conservative.”

-Paige Lisiki, Red Alert Politics

“My hope is that these young conservative women who take part in ShesConservative will feel empowered to express themselves openly and proudly. That’s what true feminism looks like to me.”

-Carrie Sheffield, Opportunity Lives

“As a member of NeW, I can be both pro-woman and conservative. I’m proud to be who I am, standing for what I believe in, and refusing to let anybody stop me from publicly advocating for what I believe is right. As a young conservative, I want to promote diversity of opinion—which starts by redefining the right.”

– Rebecca Malone, Campus Reform

“Since I’ve found NeW I know that I have people who back me up. I call them closeted Republicans. I feel like I could be much more vocal on campus because I know there are other people on campus who feel the same way but are equally as afraid to speak out as I once was. It is important to me to tell people that I am a Republican and that I am not a sexist, bigot, or any other rude term because of that fact.”

-Sarah Dezelin, The College Fix


What Women Want 97 Years After Winning The Right To Vote

Karin Agness Lips   |   August 18, 2017 Friday marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 19thAmendment,...

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Conservative Millennial Women Are Here For Female Empowerment – Just Don’t Call Them Feminists

Samantha Leach   |   August 4, 2017 Recently I spent two days at the hub of conservatism in Washington, D.C. Nope...

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State Rep. Kate Campanale encourages other young conservative women to enter politics

Kandace Palmer   |   July 28, 2017 There are fewer female politicians than there are male — and even fewer young...

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New Position Will Fundamentally Change The Experience Of Men At Princeton

Karin Agness Lips   |   July 26, 2017 What does it mean to be a Princeton man? Regardless of how you might answer...

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Hundreds of young female leaders gather in DC to celebrate liberty, empowerment, and conservatism

Krista Chavez   |   July 21, 2017 Modern feminist rhetoric, promoted by the Women’s March, does not encourage...

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Excluding Conservatives From Female Empowerment Campaigns Is Bad Politics And Bad Business

Karin Agness Lips   |   July 18, 2017 GoldieBlox, a company promoting engineering as a career to young girls,...

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Why To Read Beyond The Headlines On Equal Pay And The White House

Karin Agness Lips   |   July 12, 2017 Breaking news from CNN: White House women earn less than their male coworkers.

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Rep. Kate Campanale to speak at conservative women’s retreat

By Madeline Charbonneau   |   July 11, 2017 State Rep. Kate Campanale will be the keynote speaker for the Network...

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Conference at Heritage Foundation Addresses Women in Conservatism

Faith Bottum   |   June 23, 2017 Conservative ideas need the perspective of women. Conservative politics require...

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Notre Dame Graduates Miss Pence’s Freedom Of Speech Lesson By Walking Out

Karin Agness   |   May 23, 2017 Vice President Mike Pence returned to Indiana to deliver a commencement address at...

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What To Learn From Miss USA’s Comments On Health Care And Feminism

Karin Agness Lips   |   May 18, 2017 A nuclear chemist won the Miss USA 2017 contest. For all the criticism that...

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Was ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancelled Because ABC Dislikes Conservative Values?

Karin Agness Lips   |   May 17, 2017 Turn on Saturday Night Live and you will find Melissa McCarthy dressed as...

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This Is What It’s Like Speaking As A Conservative Woman On Campus

Karin Agness   |   May 9, 2017 Conservative speakers are under fire on college campuses. Here is my report from...

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DAILY PRINCETONIAN: Undergraduate women create new club for right-of-center women

Undergraduate women create new club for right-of-center women Claire Thornton   |   April 23, 2017 When Allison...

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Chelsea Clinton Misuses Wage Data

Chelsea Clinton Misuses Wage Data Karin Agness   Chelsea Clinton is the latest Clinton wrong on the wage gap.

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Why Equal Pay Day Is A Flawed Holiday

Karin Agness   |   April 4, 2017 Sheryl Sandberg and her Lean In circles have organized the #20PercentCounts...

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The Big Salary Reveal: 12 Real People Discover What the Pay Gap Looks Like

As snow turned to slush on a Saturday in late December, 12 strangers gathered at Glamour’s offices to take on a...

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Why I Won’t Be Striking On March 8

Karin Agness   |   March 6, 2017 Expect to see fewer women in the workplace on Wednesday. The Women’s March, the...

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Why Conservative Women Won’t Strike on “A Day Without a Woman”

Rebecca Nelson   |   March 3, 2017 On March 8, in offices, shops, and boardrooms all over the country, women...

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Why conservative millennials mustn’t settle for a passive Congress

By Diana Stancy   |   March 2, 2017 Conservative millennials must hold elected officials accountable. That was the...

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Why Women Shouldn’t Try To Make The Future Female

Karin Agness   |   February 8, 2017 Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is back with a message for women...

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Ladies, put the glass down — a gender gap we don’t want closed

Who is winning the battle between the sexes? It is a question that young women have been taught to ask. From their own...

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Intolerance: College students burn the flag to protest Trump

NOVEMBER 9, 2016 BY TAYLOR MCCARTHY Less than 24 hours after the election, students at American University have taken...

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#ShesConservative: Young women, ridiculed for political beliefs, share their stories

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 BY MEGHAN KEENAN What kind of person comes to mind when you think of a conservative? Is it a young...

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WATCH: Karin Agness Lips on ‘Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler’

NeW Founder Karin Agness Lips appeared on “Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler” this week to discuss the 2017 #ShesConservative campaign. This year’s campaign kicked off this week — and we encourage young women across the nation to participate in our annual essay contest, telling us why they are conservative. The winner of the contest...

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Opinion: Redefining the right: this is what a conservative looks like (Campus Reform)

How dare I, a twenty-year-old woman, stray from the left’s doctrine that women must conform to a single way of thinking? “So, you hate all women?” I froze. It was freshman year, and I had just “outed” myself as a conservative for the first time at college. “[Since] I ‘came out’ as a conservative,...

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