Leader Spotlight: Laura Hartke, NeW at Sioux Falls

Meet Laura Hartke, Secretary and Treasurer of NeW at Sioux Falls.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I heard about NeW from my best friend Maddie, the founder of our chapter. She was so excited to tell me about a women’s conservative organization.

Why is having a NeW chapter on campus so important to you?
Having a NeW chapter is so important to me because it allows for the conservative voices that are not always heard to be heard. It provides me with a network of other like-minded women.

What has been your favorite memory or event with NeW?
My favorite memory with NeW so far has been the Great Shots event that my chapter hosted. It was a great starter event to get everyone from NeW at Sioux Falls to meet and introduce themselves. (modafinil online rx)

Why is NeW important?
NeW is important because it provides a networking opportunity for those in a field of study outside of government but who still want to get involved, like myself. The friends I have met through NeW are true and ones I will forever cherish.

What advice would you give other conservative women on campus?
The advice I would give to other conservative women on campus is to never be shy to let your voice be heard. Your voice is just as important as those around you. Get involved with NeW so that you can experience the same opportunities that I have been able to.

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