Leader Spotlight: Kat Gaiser, NeW at Ohio State University

Meet Kat Gaiser, Treasurer of NeW at the Ohio State University.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I heard about NeW through our chapter president, Michelle Lucic. She reached out to me one day and asked if I was interested in joining the club.

Why is having a NeW chapter on campus so important to you?
Having NeW on campus allows me to collaborate and interact with like-minded individuals. It gives me a female support system that I know will encourage me through all obstacles thrown my way.

What has been your favorite memory or event with NeW?
So far, I really enjoyed the coffee social we had at a local shop in Columbus. We all got to hang out for an hour on a Sunday, which was a nice break from studying.

Why is NeW important?
NeW is important because it encourages females to come together and use each other to hear new ideas, promote teamwork, and empower each other. It creates an environment in which we are able to respect each other’s opinions and work together to create new opportunities.

What advice would you give other conservative women on campus?
Stand up for what you believe in and always respect others with differing opinions. Conservative females get a bad rap, but respect for others goes a long way and speaks volumes. Do not be afraid to be different from the other political views on campus, and never let anyone tear you down for thinking differently.

Learn how you can get involved with the NeW chapter on your college campus or find out how you can bring NeW to your school. If you have any questions about starting a chapter, contact us today.



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