Leader Spotlight: Jordan Archer, NeW at University of Mississippi

Meet Jordan Archer, Social Chair of NeW at the University of Mississippi.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I first heard about NeW through social media. Our chapter president and I follow each other on Instagram, so I was introduced to NeW through our friendship on social media.

Why is having a NeW chapter on campus so important to you?
This chapter on campus allows me a political outlet, if you will. I feel safe and comfortable talking to members of NeW. I feel confident knowing there are others who share my beliefs. Confidence in a time like this, when everything is uncertain, is a good feeling.

What has been your favorite memory or event with NeW?
My favorite memory with NeW would probably be the general love and support between these women through our group message during the election. More often than not, we see so many negative words shared on social media, but not with NeW. Of course, each of our ladies have their own opinions, but there was a certain air of understanding and compassion that made establishing and voicing my own opinions easier.

Why is NeW important?
NeW is important because of relevance. If we fail to talk about our beliefs, ideals, and values out of fear of being misunderstood, ridiculed, or blasted, then we may as well not support what we support. The conservative values are relevant if and only if we continue to network and talk about them. NeW is trying to keep it that way, and for that, I respect and am honored at the opportunity to be in this organization.

What advice would you give other conservative women on campus?
Stand your ground, ladies. Don’t let a few people shake you of everything you hold valuable. Also, don’t pretend to be something you’re not; you’re only hindering your mental health in the process. It’s taxing to be someone that you’re not, and you’ll come to realize that every aspect of your life is being influenced by this act. Know that your opinions matter. Know that your opinions are valid.

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