Leader Spotlight: Devan Coombes, NeW at the University of Virginia

Meet Devan Coombes, Communications Director for NeW at the University of Virginia and a Fall 2020 NeW Student Media Fellow.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I heard about NeW through the conservative grapevine on Grounds. My best friend and roommate was in NeW and encouraged me to attend a meeting and I loved it!

Why is having a NeW chapter on campus so important to you?
NeW is important because it gives a place for conservative women. It is important to have a space for conservative women because what we go through on campus is so unique. Being a part of NeW has truly been a saving grace for me and I am so thankful to have this wonderful community of strong women.

What has been your favorite memory or event with NeW?
Definitely the NeW Leadership Retreat! Overall it was so much fun to get to meet all the other women and connect with them! The best (and funniest!) part was attempting to record some promotional material for NeW. It must have taken me at least 20 tries on one of the recordings, but we were all laughing the entire time!

Why is NeW important?
NeW is important because of the fellowship and opportunities it presents! Watching the first-years find their place in our club has been incredible. The opportunities that NeW provides is invaluable. This semester, I am a Student Media Fellow with NeW National. We have learned about media work and communications and worked with Kathryn Alford, NeW Communications Manager, and Karin Lips, President of NeW, to write and publish an op-ed nationally! This is an opportunity I wouldn’t get anywhere else!

What advice would you give other conservative women on campus?
Find your people! Your friends in college will be your family and they are incredibly important. Especially in a time that is as polarized as it is now, a group like NeW is important!

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