Interview with a Gentleman: Chandler Thornton

The Gentlemen Showcase is LIVE and we took a few minutes to interview a young gentleman, Chandler Thornton.

Chandler Thornton is the National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (“CRNC”)…Originally from Frederick, Maryland, Chandler is a graduate of American University, where he earned a Master of Public Administration degree with concentrations in public management and applied politics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science with a concentration in American government. He received the Bryce Harlow Foundation Award for his research on ethics in lobbying, public advocacy, and government relations, and the Catheryn Seckler-Hudson Award for the graduate who best exemplified qualities of character and achievement…He was selected for the 2016 Red Alert Politics list of “Thirty Under Thirty” conservative leaders, the 2017 Maverick PAC list of “Future 40” professionals, and the 2018 Newsmax list of “Thirty Under Thirty” most influential Republicans.

What makes someone a gentleman?

The difference between a man and a gentleman lies in his ability to inspire, and not boss around, be confident and passionate, but not arrogant, be respectful and kind, but never spineless. Simply put, a man may do what is required of him, while a gentleman always goes the extra mile.

Who inspires you to be a gentleman? Who is your favorite gentleman, living or dead?

Both my two grandfathers and my dad are the most important gentlemen in my life—they taught me everything I know and are some of my greatest role models, along with my mom of course.

How do you see NeW’s Gentlemen Showcase as positive program in today’s culture?

The NeW Gentlemen Showcase is a special opportunity to shine a light on young men who are positive role models for other men in their communities, whether on campus or in professional settings, and I’m personally proud to support NeW in this endeavor and in their goals across the country.

Why is it important to support gentlemen in today’s culture? With the news breaking about Harvey Weinstein, what difference can The Gentlemen Showcase make?

In an environment dominated by headlines of nonconsensual wrongdoings, for example, which we should absolutely speak up against in the strongest possible way, it is refreshing to see an organization like NeW also bring attention to some of the positive ways in which young men are living purposeful lives, treating others with respect, and striving to do the right thing.

What can men, women and society do to support more gentlemen?

If we continue to reward bad behavior in our culture, then we will not produce more ladies and gentlemen in our society. However, if together our goal is to encourage more men to be gentlemen, we must work to draw a distinction between what Hollywood, the music industry, and pop culture, for example, often portray to be gentlemanly lifestyles and what it truly means to be a gentleman in reality.

What a gentleman! Thanks Chandler for sharing with us.

Learn more about The Gentlemen Showcase and nominate a gentleman before February 14 at Voting opens on February 15. #GentShowcase



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