Internship Spotlight: Jordan Davidson, NeW at Baylor University

This summer, NeW is proud to highlight the great internship opportunities NeW women are experiencing in the workplace. Meet Jordan Davidson, alumna of NeW at Baylor University and intern for The Federalist. Davidson graduated with a political science degree and served as a NeW Student Media Fellow. Learn more about her summer internship:

Why did you apply for this internship?
I applied for this internship because I wanted to grow and refine my journalism skills as well as get professional experience working with Washington, DC based media outlets.

What does your day look like in your internship?
Currently, all of my work is remote so I begin my mornings bright and early by sifting through emails and catching up on any news that came through during the night. I usually spend the rest of my time working on longer investigative or opinion pieces and picking up breaking news stories as they come in. I also manage The Federalist’s Twitter and Facebook as well as help with some of the video editing. Every day is different, but I love the variety!

How does this internship help set you up for your career dreams?
My time in the National Journalism Center and at the The Federalist has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only have I learned so much about what it means to be a responsible, well-written journalist, but I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people in the journalism field. Because of this internship, I have gained the experience and connections I need to move forward with a career in political and investigate journalism.

How has your experience with NeW prepared you for this role? 
My time in the NeW Student Media Fellowship was especially helpful because it allowed me the opportunity to build my multimedia and journalism skills. Because of NeW, I had opportunities to connect and work with people and organizations I never knew I could.

To read some of Davidson’s work, click here.



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