Intern Spotlight: Hannah Lyon

We are excited to have Hannah Lyon join our team this summer as our Summer 2020 Communications intern. Hannah is currently a third-year at Colorado Christian University.

How did you hear about NeW?
I heard about NeW from NeW Communications Manager, Kathryn Alford, when we met at an event in during the 2020 March for Life in Washington, DC. She shared what the organization was all about and I loved the mission and was inspired to apply for a summer internship just a couple months after our conversation.

Why is NeW important?
NeW serves a very valuable purpose in our country, and especially for young women in college or right out of college. Often, conservatives can feel isolated on their campus or in their workplace, as these spaces are filled with the philosophies of the left and all that comes with the left’s worldview. Conservatives are made to feel like the minority in these places. On top of this, women can feel that political conversations are dominated by men. NeW serves to create a community and space for conservative women to be able to freely discuss political and social issues that they care about, and to connect with professionals in and out of the workforce who share much of the same worldview. I think this mission is so worthwhile.

If you could offer advice to college students, what would it be?
My advice would be to find what you love to do. It is okay not to have a set plan of what you’re going to do for your career when you’re in college. However, I think that it is wise to be on the lookout for a goal you can be passionate about.

Volunteer with a non-profit or for a political campaign. Get a part time job building some communications or office skills. Participate in internships. Take different types of classes. Write articles for your friends on current political and social issues. Start a YouTube channel or a podcast or a blog. Scrapbook. Stay informed.

All of these things can help you to gain experience, or if you’re not sure where you want to go with your career, can help to find what you’re passionate about and possibly what you might want to do. You don’t have to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. Your next job can be a stepping stone to something else you want to do. College is a time to learn what you like to do and figure out how that can correlate to a job or career.

Why were you interested in interning for NeW?
The internships offered by NeW caught my eye because of the great team at NeW, the mission, and the flexibility the role provides. NeW’s team is filled with such kind, dedicated, and smart women, and I was thrilled at the thought of working with such great people. Additionally, I am from Washington State, so I was excited that I would be able to fulfill my internship role from my home here. Until the recent pandemic, remote internships were not common in the political sphere, so I was thrilled that NeW offered that opportunity. Finally, I was inspired by NeW’s mission and I am thrilled to be able to spend my summer empowering many young conservative women across the country.

What do you hope to gain from your internship?
My goal is to someday work in DC as a communications staffer or work in the media as a political commentator. I was excited for this internship with NeW because I believe that it will help me grow and develop my communications skills, which I believe will be beneficial for my future career.

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