How to Navigate Liberal Professors on Your Campus

As a conservative student in college, you may encounter liberal professors or faculty/staff who hold opposing views. Encountering liberal bias as a new student is a difficult situation, and you may not know where to turn for help. In Karin A. Lips’ new book, You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College, she discusses some beneficial tips to help navigate a liberal college campus.    

Use Resource Networks to Help    

As a new student, using the resources available to help you succeed is important. Resources can help you avoid liberal professors as a first-year student. These include asking conservative upperclassmen for recommendations and tips for certain professors and who to choose from. Part of this is joining conservative clubs or networks so that you have a network of conservative peers you can trust and build relationships with for the future.    

Research and Do Your Homework    

Research which classes you need to take for your major and evaluate if you need to take one from that specific professor. Do your homework and research your major along with the faculty and staff of your future department. If a professor has a bias towards conservatives, then maybe stay clear of them and see if you can take someone else instead. Also, utilize to see previous students’ recommendations and their experience in specific professors’ classes. You can see positive and negative thoughts regarding professors, so this information is helpful.    

Evaluate Whether to Speak Out and Share Your Views    

Consider whether now is a good time to speak out and share your conservative views. Be strategic and figure out if your grade will be affected or if you could get in trouble with the college. These things are important in deciding whether to speak up or keep quiet. Karin encourages young students to read the room and to be intentional about sharing their conservative opinions.    

Raise Questions   

Part of learning is asking questions and making connections between the material. Questions can serve as a counterargument for a young conservative student instead of directly arguing with the professor or student. By asking questions, you can let them see where their argument is wrong and have them think through all of their key points deeply.    

Being a college student is hard, and having a liberal professor can make your experience even harder. But it is essential to know that other college students are going through the same thing you are. So stay strong, and know that you are not alone.    

This blog was written by Elaine Gunthorpe, NeW Spring 2024 Communications Intern. 



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