Zachary Almond exemplifies a perfect gentleman in every aspect of its definition; he is chivalrous, honorable, courteous, noble, generous, and without a doubt handsome! Not only is he a gentleman but he is a follower of Christ and has true Conservative values that we women long for in a man and friend. He also comes from a good family that is just about as charming as he is. I first met Zach during the last Presidential campaign season, we instantly connected.
On a congressional campaign we worked on together last year, I was able to witness his strong work ethic, leadership, integrity, and pride firsthand. Zach possesses a positive outlook on life and carries himself so well. His humor and mannerism attract individuals to him in both a social and professional setting.
During his collegiate years, he attended Wingate University and joined the fraternity Kappa Alpha as well as successfully led the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans as Chair. Post-college he has been involved with multiple campaigns and is now as an Account Executive at Johnson Insurance in his hometown of Albermarle, North Carolina at just 23 years old. When Zach sets his mind to a goal, he fully dedicates himself to accomplishing it. I just know he will be successful in all his future endeavors.

Zach never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever we are together. I am so thankful for the relationship we have and the memories we share. He can be a little stubborn, but he really is a sweet teddy bear with a cute Bob the Builder hair cut that will do just about anything for you. I look forward to every reunion we have. My life would simply not be the same without him!
I am thankful for NeW and our yearly Gentleman Showcase to be able to show off men like Zach and appreciate them for all that they do for us ladies. In our current society, we need to embrace these rare qualities when found and promote more of it among men everywhere.
With all that said, I could not think of a more suited individual to be titled Gentleman of The Year than my pal, partner in life, and future political running mate: Zach Almond.

If selected by the sisters and friends of NeW, his charity of choice the Muscular Dystrophy Association would greatly benefit.