Trevor Pollo

Congratulations to Trevor Pollo from Lansing, MI for winning the Under 30 Category. Trevor earned the title of 2015 Gentleman of the Year (Under 30 Category) and a $250 dinner certificate. With more than 1,000 votes, Trevor, who in addition to his full time job, volunteers with a men’s ministry at Grace Church and is also working on his Masters, won the contest. There were 24 other nominees in this category.

“Trevor, my sweet husband, is a true gentleman. From never failing to open my car door, to nightly foot rubs…He has continued to say “I do” every day since we left the alter” said Christen Pollo, Trevor’s nominator (and wife).

We asked Trevor how participating in The Gentlemen Showcase was significant to him and he replied:

It was just an honor to be nominated. I feel like being a gentleman is so much harder these days many of us lack real examples of men that exemplify what it means to be a man. Being nominated by my wonderful wife and being recognized as someone who is at least striving to be the man I am meant to be really humbled me and motivates me to keep pushing myself towards being an even better man in the future.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s showcase! We had a record number of outstanding nominations and votes. You can donate to The Gentlemen Showcase campaign here.

Affiliation: Regent University

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