The USF NeW Chapter has decided to nominate my fiance, Todd Chastain, as a Gentleman’s Showcase recipient entering the professional category.

Todd deserves to represent USF’s chapter in the Gentleman’s Showcase because he is a chivalrous, hardworking man with the biggest heart. Being together for almost three years, he has proven to be a strong support system with deep rooted values. Todd has worked for Publix for 8 years and is an Assistant Customer Service Manager at the age of 21. On top of working full time, Todd studies at St. Petersburg College as an undergraduate business student. On his spare time, Todd enjoys listening to Ben Shapiro’s daily podcasts as well as spending time with friends and family. United Way is Todd’s charity of choice, donating a portion of each pay check to this great cause. Todd represents the conservative values NeW was founded on and shows tremendous support to myself and all other women.