Spencer has devoted his life to building and strengthening the conservative movement. He began his journey in conservative politics working as Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s bag-man, then traveled to Regent University where he founded a YAF chapter on campus. While in school, he made sure to keep ties in DC, landing internships at the National Journalism Center and American Conservative Union. During his senior year at Regent, YAF offered Spencer a job as Program Officer for Digital Media. He managed to write his senior thesis while covering YAF conferences all over the country. He was recently promoted to Digital Director at YAF.

Throughout all of this, Spencer has always been a gentleman to everyone he meets. No one has anything but pleasant things to say about him, because he holds himself to a higher standard. He understands that people appreciate a well-dressed, professional, fun-loving guy. He loves his little brother, Grady, and makes sure to FaceTime with him at least once a week. On a random weeknight, you can catch Spencer wandering the Mall, and on the weekends (during the season) you can catch him at Nationals games!