When I decided to submit a nomination, Sam was my obvious choice. He’s one of my best friends in Washington, D.C. But he doesn’t just treat me well, he treats everyone he encounters with thoughtfulness and respect.

That’s what makes him a gentleman: he views each woman as a human person of inherent dignity and worth.

It’s impossible to count the many things he does for me and our friends. If we need a ride somewhere, he’s the first to offer. If we need a song to cheer up, he’ll happily endure Taylor Swift for us (over and over again). If we need an ear, he’s there to listen.

He’s both generous and selfless with his time. I’ve watched Sam volunteer at Little Sisters of the Poor, as he speaks with and cares for the elderly residents housed there. When I’m stretched thin while leading extracurricular groups, he’ll offer to help. If friends need a babysitter to play with their kids, he’s there.

That’s just in his free time. In his work as a writer, he demonstrates a dedication to breaking the news and a passion for telling stories that often don’t make headlines (like former abortion workers who leave the industry to stand for unborn life).

According to Vin Diesel, “Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but . . . being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.”

That’s Sam. But he doesn’t just choose that. He lives it.