NeW at Emmanuel College (Boston) is an organization that took a great effort to launch on the college campus. Many students and faculty were weary of the group and its support for conservative principles. We were a club that went unrecommended in the Fall of 2017 by the school’s student government organization since some members believed that our club was too inclusive and went against the college’s diversity initiatives. We had to appeal the student government’s decision and fight for our freedom to express ourselves on Emmanuel’s college campus. We won the appeal and gained club recognition by a slim two votes. Our executive board faced so much confrontation from fellow students that we thought that we would not even have a single member for our first official club meeting. However, Ryan was one of first. He worked closely with our executive board to put on and promote various NeW activities on campus such as an American flag display for our veterans on veteran’s day. He also worked diligently in gaining our club new members via his positive attitude and friendly demeanor at our sometimes hostile tabling sessions. Ryan is now the executive director of social media for NeW at Emmanuel College. He has done a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of our organization by demonstrating to our campus community and beyond all of the great events that we organize through social media platforms. Overall, Ryan is a leader who inspires all he comes across to be the best version of themselves. It is for these reasons that Ryan Foreman is NeW at Emmanuel College’s nomination for this year’s gentlemen’s showcase.