Ross Wolfe grew up in the University section of Philadelphia before earning his undergraduate degree at Catholic University and law degree from George Washington University. Ross has worked on several campaigns and now serves as the Chairman of the Philadelphia Young Republicans (“Philly YRs”). As Chairman of the Philly YRs, Ross taken a stand on policy issues facing the city of Philadelphia. In October 2017, he had an editorial published in the Philadelphia Inquirer against the city’s proposed government campaign contribution bill and testified in front of City Council’s committee on the bill.

Since becoming Chairman of the Philly YRs in April 2017, Ross has made community service a significant part of the organization’s platform. In September 2017, the Philly YRs raised enough money to provide 330 backpacks with supplies to underprivileged children in Philadelphia. In addition, for Veterans Day, the Philly YRs collected over 1,000 items of food and supplies which were donated to the Veterans Comfort House, an organization that helps homeless veterans, and spent the day helping with chores around the house. The Philly YRs also recently organized a day of service for Martin Luther King Day.

Ross’s girlfriend says, “There are many ways a guy can be a gentleman; he can open doors for women, help Nana reach the soup on the top shelf at the grocery store, or maybe walk a girl home to make sure she arrived safely. Ross Wolfe does all the above, and so much more. He is leaps and bounds so much stronger, not only physically standing at 6 feet 4 inches, but also in his character and his love for all people that it is contagious to be around. Getting involved in politics can be done for several reasons, but there is no doubt in my mind Ross did so to help and protect people. Whether they are big or small, old or young, all of that is irrelevant in his eyes and done with such class and passion.

A true gentleman shows he cares in ways so much more powerful than just words. Ross does this every single day by his thoughtful messages, phone calls, and dinners. He listens when you need that person and gives the best tailored advice when you need that as well. Ross challenges himself and the people he is around every day. That drive allows him to be good at all the facets of his life. Knowing a man involved in boxing, has run multiple charitable drives, and can also talk to you about any current events is nearly impossible until you meet Ross Wolfe.

So yes, there are many ways a guy can be a gentleman; and there are many ways Ross is a gentleman. The number one reason I know though, without a shadow of a doubt, that Ross Wolfe is a true gentleman is he does the right thing when he doesn’t even know people are watching. If more men did this, the world would be a lot less scary place and I don’t think there’s a woman on this earth that wouldn’t love that.”