“To answer the question of why I would deserve to be named Gentleman of the Year, it’s important first to define what it means to be a gentleman to me. I was taught from an early age that treating others with dignity, honor, and respect is the key to success in life. Dignity, honor, and respect for me are the basic aspects not only of being a gentleman but treating others in a way that you would want them to treat you. To me, being a gentleman not only means being a brand ambassador for these basic traits; it also means an obligation to lead by example. Doing the little things like having respect for people’s time, listening with an open mind, and engaging in honest and respectful debate, even with those you disagree with define the way I try to engage with others. Leading by example and conducting myself in a way I feel reflects an image I can be proud of is a goal I set out to accomplish each day. I couldn’t answer why I do this better than someone else, but what I can say is an aspiration to reach these goals and achieve these values is always at the core of my mission.”