Price T. Morgan is a Dallas-based student, actor, filmmaker, and architectural historian. He was born in Los Angeles, where he was homeschooled until entering college at the age of seventeen. Before college, Price took advantage of his flexible schedule by producing video interviews with classic movie stars, documenting the lesser-known subdivision architecture of the groundbreaking architect Paul R. Williams, studying political science in depth, and auditioning for dramatic projects all over the Los Angeles region. His acting credits include over fifty theatrical productions and films, including a major supporting role in the 2015 Warner Bros. film The Gallows. Price has since lent his thespian talents to a promotional piece for Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager’s upcoming film, No Safe Spaces, which landed him on a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2017.

Price has received multiple awards for his political commentary, appeared on The Dennis Prager Show, and is a proud alum of Young America’s Foundation’s intern program at the Reagan Ranch Center. He graduated from Los Angeles Harbor College in 2017, and is now a junior pursuing dual degrees in Economics and Public Policy at Southern Methodist University, where he serves as Vice Chairman of SMU Young Americans for Freedom. He currently works in curriculum development and marketing at the SMU Center for Global Health Impact.

Over the next several years, Price hopes to earn a Ph.D in Economics and launch his career as an advocate for domestic free enterprise and a robust global trade network. His work at the Center for Global Health Impact has inspired him to consider specializing in the economics of market-based international healthcare solutions.

In his spare time, Price enjoys repairing and selling vintage model trains, visiting historic sites, playing the ukulele, tap dancing, and watching classic movies with friends.