While he originally hails from New Jersey, Peter considers himself a Southern gentleman at heart due to his intense passion for country music, America, and treating all women with dignity and respect. During his undergraduate years at the University of Virginia, Peter set an example to all through his dedication to volunteer work at his church and in the community, while still excelling in the classroom as a double major in history and American government. Peter also served as the chair of UVA’s College Republicans chapter and worked to spread conservative principles on campus in a way that always encouraged respectful discourse. In Virginia, Peter holds the record for most doors knocked for Republican candidates, as well as doors held open for Republican ladies. Following graduation from UVA in 2014, Peter was selected for the Capital Fellows program, a competitive fellowship that prepares Christians to serve in public service. This year, Peter has remained involved with his church while serving as a consultant and field organizer on a number of campaigns, including Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential bid and Virginia Speaker of the House Bill Howell’s reelection campaign. When he’s not busy door knocking for Republican candidates or tutoring disadvantaged students, Peter can often be found dressed head to toe in Vineyard Vines, tapping his cowboy boots as he serenades his lady friends to his favorite song, “Wagon Wheel.”