Nicholas Bique is a first-year Political Science major at Florida State University and has been an active member of the conservative movement since 2012 when he first interned at his local Republican Headquarters. He was most recently an intern and student leader on Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera’s Senate Campaign then Senator Rubio’s re-election Campaign and Campus Coordinator for the College Republican National Committee where his team collected student voter data and was able to register dozens of students to vote and activate conservative students. Nicholas devoted 500+ hours to political activism in high school and was recognized by the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans in 2013 for his dedication. Nicholas is know for rallying students and bringing out the best in volunteers as well as exceeding phone banking and voter contact goals.

Nicholas is the son of a Filipino immigrant and a USAF Veteran, he had the unique experience of seeing government work first hand as his father was treated for cancer at the VA Hospital where they jumped through hoops and climbed tall ladders to get his father the care he needed. Nicholas learned a lot from his father’s experiences and from the their veterans they met at the VA. His Father passed away in August of 2016. Lieutenant Governor Lopez-Cantera became a mentor to Nicholas while running for Rubio’s seat and they remained close after Rubio re-entered the race. Both understand just how much the United States has to offer and just how indispensable the United States is given their immigrant backgrounds from Cuba and the Philippines, respectively.