Nathan is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. He is attending on a Marine option ROTC scholarship and hopes to become a pilot in the United States Marine Corps. As a gentleman in his spare time, he volunteers helping others in his military unit and his community. One service he participates in is a homeless outreach program where volunteers go out to the streets of Atlanta and share a dinner and fellow with the homeless. One of the reasons Nathan feels so personally rewarded by this program is that it not only humbles him, but it opens up his eyes to the stories and pasts of so many people that society usually glances over. And then on one night every week he helps cook for and co-lead a Bible study for fellow students on and off campus.Nathan is always there when a friend needs help, whether it’s talking through a personal problem or helping out on a homework question. He always puts other people’s best interests ahead of his own and has an infectious positive attitude towards everything in life. Nathan is one of the calmest and most patient people I have ever known and it astounds me to watch how level-headed and gentle he is in a crisis. As a son and brother, he values family time and makes loved ones a top priority. As a boyfriend, he is always there to listen, try to understand, and constantly maintains an open mind. He has taught me so many lessons in patience, respect, communication, and courtesy. Nathan is a gentleman not just because he gives his time and devotion to others in volunteerism and friendship. He is a gentleman of the truest sense because he is respectful and considerate of ultimately every person he meets, without judgement.