Mitchell Snyder is a Junior at the Dickinson College studying Economics and Law & Policy.

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs Mitchell learned from a young age that importance of hard work. He believes that those who work hard can do great things for those in their community. In his own community, he has volunteered his time working for both political campaigns and nonprofits. Notably, he has volunteered at the Assigned Counsel Program of Erie County. This organization provides legal aid to those who cannot afford it.

Mitchell also believes it is imperative that those with strong beliefs and values get involved in their community. It is his goal to spread the conservative ideals of limited government, strong worth ethic, and free enterprise among his peers. In furtherance of this goal he became increasingly involved in advocating for these ideals across his state. Mitchell serves as the Digital Coordinator for Republican Party of Pennsylvania where he gives support to country parties and candidates across PA and advocates for conservative values. His involvement statewide does stop there. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans Executive Board. In this capacity he has worked to establish College Republican Chapters at numerous schools. Mitch believes the presences of these chapters on campuses across the country are critical to demonstrate what it means to be a conservative. To this end, Mitch also serves as the Communications Director for the Pennsylvania Young Republicans where he works as part of a team dedicated to demonstrating conservative values through service in their communities. He has also volunteered for groups such as Concerned Veterans for America, Wounded Warriors, and others whom are working tirelessly to help and advocate for veterans across our country.
Mitch believes that the hallmark of any gentleman is putting others before oneself. He could not think of a group of people who illustrate this more than the men and women of the United States Military. If chosen as College Gentleman of the Year, Mitch would donate to the Fisher House Foundation. This organization is best known for its network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost, while a loved one is receiving treatment.