Michael Khan is my proof that chivalry is not dead. Yes, ladies, he’s chivalrous in all the stereotypical ways: opening doors, lifting heavy boxes, killing the bugs, opening tightly-closed jars, and respecting his mama. But Michael goes beyond mere chivalry — he has the true character of a gentleman.
When I first met Michael Khan as a freshman, he was tabling for Georgetown’s Right to Life club. I took notice of how he interacted with others in a way that was not just polite, but truly respectful. He has strong beliefs, but he was able to form friendships with the most hardcore, pro-choice feminists — women who would have hated him had they not met him. When someone interacts with Michael, they know that he respects and values them as a person.
Michael’s respect for women extends far beyond the pro-life table and into his everyday life. He has a way of comforting and encouraging others that is simply unmatched. He is truly gifted at lifting up those who are discouraged and broken. A mutual friend of ours was once inconsolable for hours while others tried to encourage and support her; Michael sat with her and spoke to her for 10 minutes and I watched a beautiful transformation happen. Tears were wiped away, tentative smiles exchanged, and hands lightly touched. Michael pulled our friend out of a moment of despair into a moment of hope.
Michael’s way of treating people is what sets him apart as a true gentleman down to his core. I could tell you more about his career as the president of the Pro-Life club, his leadership in directing the largest collegiate pro-life conference in the nation, and his bright future as a pediatrician. But those things are really just the icing on top of a wonderful man and gentleman that I am proud to know and love.