Michael is someone who is always encouraging others and leading by example. He always strives to give his best, quick to take initiative in finding solutions to problems and is not scared to defy the norm. All of these characteristics led him to earn the title as the Nation’s Youngest Campaign Manager at the age of 18. Through his unique political and business experience he is an inspiration to many young people.

We also cannot overlook the heart Michael has to serve people in his community. He is the CEO and Founder of American Dream Capital & Consulting, which is “a firm dedicated to helping its clients achieve their American Dream.” From a very young age, Michael has demonstrated selflessness, and a pure love for his family and community. While in high school, Michael organized a fundraising dance in honor of his father, David DeSantis, who passed away from heart disease. He was able to raise over $5,000 for research to put in the hands of the McAllister Heart Institute. He is a great example that anyone can make a difference by perseverance and hard work no matter your age.

Additionally, he made a major impact in the state of North Carolina through his job at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. He sought for ways to give a voice to his stepbrother, Grayson and others who are also diagnosed with autism. Through his job and the organization Autism Speaks, he took advantage of the opportunity to assist in passing a bill that was to provide Autism insurance to millions. Through the efforts of Autism Speaks, the General Assembly, North Carolina House of Representatives, the Senate and his very own, the Autism Insurance Bill was passed and signed by the governor at the time, Pat McCrory.

Michael DeSantis is someone who is fully deserving to be the winning gentleman for 2017. He is someone who will continue to fight for a positive change in people’s lives for years to come. UNC Charlotte is proud to have Michael represent us!