Matt is and has always been a gentleman. I have witnessed him many a time helping women cross the street, or reaching something from a higher shelf in a grocery store, and constantly going out of his way to help others. My favorite memory of Matt however, was when we were running late leaving to a Jets game, yet he stopped to run next door to help his elderly neighbor unload the groceries from her trunk and bring them into the house and chatted for a few minutes which made her day.

Matt works for Young Americans for Liberty currently, and is extremely passionate about the fight for freedom and protecting the constitutional rights of every individual. In his work with Young Americans for Liberty, he deals mostly with college students, and always takes great care to ensure that all of his State Chairs and Chapter Presidents feel valued and motivated to reach their full potential. He consistently goes out of his way after work hours to take calls and to help mentor his employees and volunteers. I have heard from many of his State Chairs how great of a boss he is, and he even enjoys mentoring his team on both a professional and personal level.

One specific example of this was recently when one of his students got arrested while peacefully advocating for free speech on a public college campus. The situation ran late into the night and he didn’t sleep until the student and his family were properly connected with the appropriate people to help with their case, and the mother’s mind was put at ease that her son would be ok and taken care of.

The charity Matt has selected, the Alzheimer’s Association, is very close to his heart as it is a disease which claimed the life of his neighbor who was the closest thing to a grandfather he ever knew.

Matt always puts others before himself, and is very deserving of becoming the Network of enlightened Women’s 2017 Under 30 Gentleman Showcase winner.