When I think of a gentleman, there is one person who comes to mind – Lee Jackson. Lee was raised by a single mom and it was her and Lee’s grandmother that molded him into the gentleman he is today. Intelligent, polite, patient — every girl deserves to know a young man like Lee.

Lee has served as the Youth Director for Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s re-election campaign. He also served as chair for his local Republican county committee. In both of these roles, Lee successfully went into the most liberal towns in his district and convinced progressive Democrats to vote for Republicans.

Lee was first elected to his local school board when he was 19 years old. In 2016, he won re-election. Lee has spent countless hours volunteering for the youth in his community. Every back-to-school season, Lee organizes a “stuff the bus” charity event where he collects school supplies for low income families. He believes that we are not born for ourselves but to serve others that’s why is charity of choice is the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Lee was the first recipient to be given the key to his home city. Lee has also been named a Republican National Committee “Rising Star” and McDonald’s Crew Member of the year. No matter how busy, Lee always makes time for his friends and family.

I could continue to list Lee’s accomplishments – there are many. However, what matters most is how he treats others. One memory that stands out in my mind is standing in line with Lee at Chick-fil-A. A young man he knew from his hometown came up to him and mentioned he didn’t have money to purchase his own lunch. Without hesitation, Lee handed the young man his debit card. I’m sure Lee doesn’t remember this event, but I do. I am continually inspired by his willingness to help others. Lee embodies everything The Gentleman Showcase stands for.