NeW at the University of Virginia is proud to nominate Kevin McMahon for NeW’s 2018 College Gentleman. To begin, Kevin is kind, respectful, acts with integrity, and goes out of his way to help others whenever he can. I first met him when planning NeW’s Conservative Club Night in the fall of 2017 and was looking for co-sponsoring organizations. As the President of UVA’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) Chapter, I reached out to Kevin and he happily volunteered his time to present on behalf of his organization and to meet other conservatives on Grounds. Each person he met during the evening’s networking event, he cared for genuinely and took the time to encourage and personally get to know. His kindness and respect for others was quickly noticeable and marked him a friendly and familiar face in our University’s conservative movement. Furthermore, following the events in Charlottesville (home to the University), Kevin organized an afternoon of fellowship and unity near the University’s statue of founder Thomas Jefferson. Kevin simply wanted to bring people together, from any viewpoint or perspective, to start a dialogue. His genuine concern for others during a difficult time at our University was caring and respectful, something we don’t often see anymore these days. Additionally, Kevin works with YAF each year to put on the 9/11 Never Forget Memorial and dedicates countless hours to setting up the event, promoting it, and ensuring that our heroes’ sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Even more, when challenged by the University about YAF’s existence as a certified student organization in December 2017, Kevin also stood up for what he believed in and acted with integrity in ensuring YAF remained a principled organization. Finally, Kevin acts with integrity and principled leadership supporting liberty and the right to life. This January Kevin will participate in the March for Life in Washington, DC and if chosen as the college gentleman, his winnings would benefit Focus on the Family, an organization committed to family values, respect for all people, and healthy, respectful marriages. It is our distinct honor to support Kevin in this endeavor, as to us he is the ultimate college gentleman.