Keith Maples is a fine Republican activist on UNC Charlotte’s campus. While being the current president of College Republicans, Keith demonstrates what it means to be a gentleman daily through what he does for his peers and politicians. Campaigning may test some people, but Keith never strays from his polite and pleasant personality. A simple man, Keith strives to make Charlotte and the United states’ politics more traditional.

Growing up in a hardworking household, Keith always keeps in mind the meaning behind everything he says and does. Focusing on the woman who raised him – his mother – Keith does everything he can for and because of her. As Marco Rubio once said in a Presidential Debate, “I wouldn’t do anything that is bad for my mom.” Meant in a policy sense, it translated to Keith as to come across everyone with respect and the same gratitude as you would your own mother.

Wanting to make a difference, he demonstrates that differences start with yourself. Picking his charity for their impact on making a difference in wounded veterans lives – not just surviving their wounds, but not letting their wounds get in the way of their everyday lives.